Reflection Bay Golf Club – Operating Procedures During Covid19 Pandemic


We appreciate you playing Reflection Bay today and want to let you know what we are doing for the safety of our guests and employees and what we expect of our guests during their round at Reflection Bay.

Golf Carts will be sanitized before and after each round of golf – ONE GOLFER PER CART, NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS FROM THE SAME PHYSICAL HOUSEHOLD. Reflection Bay employees will NOT, under any circumstances carry, touch, clean clubs or handle guests golf bags, NO exceptions.

No tees, towels, coolers or bottled water will be placed on carts. If you would like a scorecard please ask.

Golf Shop and Clubhouse is closed and not accessible under any circumstances.

Any gratuities for staff will be placed by the guest in the gratuity box in the staging area, no handing of gratuities to Reflection Bay staff, NO exceptions.


All golfers MUST adhere to Social Distancing at all times, even on tee boxes and greens. FAILURE TO DO SO AFTER BEING WARNED one time WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL FROM THE GOLF COURSE.

Rakes have been removed from bunkers and golfers may smooth sand with their foot and place ball on even lie in all bunkers if desired. Flagsticks are to be LEFT IN at all times.

On course restrooms are closed and locked – Restroom at Snack Bar area is available and will be cleaned on regular basis.

You MAY order food via the GPS System which can be picked up at the “turn” outside the Clubhouse.

Golfers acknowledge and agree to abide by each of the established rules of Reflection Bay Golf Club not withstanding that golfer acknowledges that the risk of contracting Covid – 19 is still possible and golfer hereby waive any and all claims against Reflection Bay (Lake Las Vegas Golf Recovery Acquisition LLC), it’s parents, managers and employees real or perceived.